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Spring Swap Wants 2017

Rowlet PC Acrylic keychain

Rowlet PC carbiner
(Psst hint hint http://www.ebay.com/itm/122331793103?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT )

Rowlet Japanese Pokedoll

Rowlet Ichiban Kuji pillow

Dartrix Japanese PC plush

Sleeping Snivy Dreamworld Bed plush

Scraggy vs. Servine Figure

Pokemon Center Rowlet Mascot plush

Rowlet's Garden wooden Rowlet strap

PC Cookie tin featuring Kalos starters, Pikachu, Bewear, and Togedemaru

Rowlet PC pass case

Rowlet Banpresto (wings open) plush

Alola Starters Ichiban Kuji strap

Alola Vulpix Sapporo Plush (big want)

Litten Lucky Bag plush and/or mug

Snivy fruit grass type promo mascot

Unova Ichiban Kuji strap prize

Holiday Snivy plush

Pixel Snivy strap (would LOVE Servine or Serperior too!)

Fruit Snivy figure strap

Snivy TOMY (Attack version)

If you make custom plush with minky material that wants to make a plush (I'd love you eternally for one of these):
-custom shiny Silvally Pokedoll
-custom shiny Snivy plush or one based on my OC Snivy, Lotus (the one in my icon)
-custom Decidueye Pokedoll

Anime/Japan Sales

-All rules from PKMNCollectors rule set apply, I will not sell to non members.
Rules!Collapse )

Spring Swap Wants List 2016

Hi there, thank you for being my gift giver! <3 To make things easier on you, here are my wants for this swap! Don't worry if you find something that isn't on this list that you want to send to me; this post is simply for some guidelines to make your search for items less stressful! I truly appreciate you taking the time to find me a gift. Please know that I'm not a fan of duplicates, so I will be leaving a link HERE of when I finally make my collection update so that you will see exactly what I already own.

Snivy/Servine/Serperior (main collection)

12 inch Snivy Banpresto (MWT)

Type focus Snivy Mascot (there's one on Amazon for $15)

Snivy Dream world plush (big want)

Snivy BERRY VERSION dream world strap

Snivy PC finger puppet

Sideways Snivy Banpresto

Serperior Retsuden (mini grail)

Snivy mini Pokedoll

Snivy/Servine/Serperior MPC

Servine vs. Scraggy diorama

Espurr/Meowstic (main collection)

Espurr/Male Meowstic/Female Meowstic Banpresto mascots (big want)

My Dearest Meowstic Mugs (cheap ones on Amazon)

Female Meowstic chibi Banpresto plush (I actually really need this)

My Dearest Meowstic pass case

My Dearest Meowstic towels

My Dearest Meowstic pouch

Espurr Wanted ceramic plate

Espurr Wanted Beret

Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile (side collection)

Any Treecko line shiny kids (grails)

JAPANESE version Treecko secret base doll

Treecko Walky plush (big want)

Espeon (big side collection)

Pokemon Time strap (grail)

Stained glass candy tin

Espeon Gold Star (grail)

I <3 Gothic plush (MWT please)

Recent Pokemon Time strap

Eevee and friends strap

Buizel (New big side collection) (What I do have: Pokedoll, giant PT plush, x4 regular kids, clear TOMY figure, PT tin, PT strap, PT blind strap, PT Clearfile, Tomy plush) PLEASE no Hip Pop merchandise. The butt parade stuff is just weird...

Buizel Canvas

Buizel normal TOMY

Literally ANY Buizel Banpresto plush (this pic is of I <3 Marine)

ANY stampers

Riolu/Lucario (brand new picky side collection)

Pokemon Time Lucario Tote (big want!)

Pokemon Time Lucario clear file set

Pokemon Time Lucario pouch

Japanese Lucario awake and asleep Kuttari

Riolu Japanese Pokedoll

Steven Stone (big side collection)

Steven clear file

Steven glasses case (big want!)

Steven charm

Steven lapel (expensive, I know, but I threw it on here anyways! xD)

Miscellaneous wants

Its Demo Mew Necklace (big want!)

Japanese sleeping Mew Kuttari


If you happen to be a custom artist, I only get customs of minky, embroidered plush! If this applies to you, first of all, bless your soul, I admire your talent and appreciate that you would want to share your plush making skill with me. ;w; Here is a list of potential customs that I would want:

-My Mystery Dungeon partner, Anubis the Riolu! He has a black Eye of Horus birthmark on his right thigh. I really would love him to have the embroidered mark and the green striped scarf!
-A shiny Pokedoll or plush of Snivy, Espurr, Meowstic, Buizel, Treecko, Fennekin, or Espeon
-A Pokedoll of Servine or Grovyle
-A Pokemon Time styled Snivy, Serperior, or Meowstic

How to start one's day. The Rin way.


It never gets old.
You're welcome.
I love you.

Bless April 26th :3

YAAAAAY finally, the full list of the Espurr/Meowstic promotion items are out!! With pictures!!!
Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 3.54.53 PM
It's times like this I really wish I could visit/live in Japan. Because these hilariously adorable flyers will be posted all around Japan, like Espurr is a Poke-Puff stealing fugitive on the run.
Except he's actually hiding in America in my room so
I won't try to even repost everything, but here's a link for the amazing post by kitzune describing everything in detail, including prices.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so much stuffffffffff *0*
So what am I most excited for..?
Well, like the rest of the world, the plush!!! 1:1 Meowstic, mascots of all 3 cats, and probably the most adorable Pokepuff stealing plush in existence. I have very high expectations for that Espurr plush. I think it might be made out of a really special material, with wonderful details to match!

Next up. IPHONE CASES. Let me just say that finding good iPhone 5 cases has always been a pain in the butt for me. My first (and only so far) iPhone was/is the 5, and I was always a huge fan of the 4S cases my friends constantly showed off. But then when I got the thinner, taller 5, nothing caught my attention. Fast forward 1.5 years and you'll find me with only 2 cases for my phone, one of which was the one that came with it for free. So much for finding fun cases. But now, I can add these two bad boys to my phone's wardrobe!! I will definitely use the illustrated one for my phone, but I might just display the Espurr rubber one, because I'd be devastated if it were to ever rip. Yes, I have collector OCD like the rest of the community about using my items instead of displaying!
That pencil case and ID tag don't look too shabby, either, hehe.

And lastly, in the description, there were a few items not pictured that I'm also excited for. Including over the knee socks!!!! Nothing in this world is going to hold me back from wearing those in public. Absolutely nothing at ALL.

A beret! Wait. What? Yes, a beret! No idea what this will look like, so I'm excited to see it!

A soup mug and pottery tray! Ummmmmmm to be quite honest, no idea how these will look whatsoever. But still, the unique goods grab my attention every time!

A 3DS XL case? Sorry Pikachu, you might have a cover now.

So, I have a solid month to rack up enough funds to pay for the initial items I need from this promotion. In a perfect world, I could afford everything at once, but I highly doubt it, especially with the 1:1 plush absolutely killing off my money supply.

Thank you to anyone willing to read about my feelings and frazzled opinions on this latest promotion! <3


Happy, Happy Tears

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.40.39 PM
BIG THANKS to latias_latios_7 for sharing this picture!
But LOOK. An Espurr plush with a Pokepuff?! I THINK YES. And even more, life-sized 1:1 Meowstic?! This promotion will run me dry out of any money I've ever saved, but it will be so worth it. *^* I believe that the other items in the picture aren't new and are just examples of already released merchandise. But I'm freaking out regardless!! This is the most excited I've ever been for a promotion, and I hope that the psychic kitty merchandise will take a little break afterwards so that I can recover. ^^' And also- space will be a concern with all these huge plashes! I guess I'll be selling 1:1 Minccino after all... ~_~
Did I mention how excited I am?! x'D

Can I Cry Now

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.37.44 PM
So apparently, a tweet from the Pokemon Twitter Account in Japan came out with a short story about little Espurr sneaking out at night, being careful not to wake up Meowstic!
That's right.
MY BABIES ARE QUITE POSSIBLY GETTING THEIR OWN PROMOTION. I'm crying happy tears right now, and I'm shaking with the anticipation. What if there's 1:1 plush?? What IF THERE'S SLEEPY PLUSH. MY WEAKNESS. SLEEPING MEOWSTICS ASDFGHJKL.
Help. I'm so excited.
But there's a problem: How in the world will I be able to afford a promotion like this after recently buying the PC plush, items from the Type Focus Promotion, charms, etc? There's only one answer: I need to finally weed out things in my collection and apply for seller's permission on the community! Or maybe just start off on eBay. Either way, I will need to sell off big things that take up space, like my 1:1 Minccino from Nintendo World. I don't want to sell my Fennekin though. Weeding is going to be hard, since I get attached to the majority of my stuff. It's a terrible habit :( But it must be done.
I don't think my psychic kitty shelf is big enough... I never could've imagined my cats would ever be this popular!
Chances are nobody is going to read this. But at least I can organize my thoughts on the matter xD
I'm seriously going to go insane if this promotion happens.
~Princess Snivy